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Fall 2013 Nike Women's Training Series launched Nike Free Bionic training shoes, it is by far the closest sense of NIKE FREE barefoot shoes. Multi-layer mesh upper to achieve dynamic fit, providing excellent breathability and supportive. Forefoot designed to provide sufficient free movement space, while your feet more firmly locked in the shoe bed, a strong supporting force more effective prevention and protection performance multi-directional movement of the feet occurs in the high-speed external turning, reduce injury risk. Dynamic fly line system extends from the feet to the foot laces enhance lateral support force is more convenient to adjust the laces. Special tongue wicking design not only, but also reduce the laces tied, bring comfort. Outsole lower height from the ground to provide excellent stability and a larger nike free run, The sole basis for the outer layer of rubber grooves like feet as comfortable, lightweight and provide some support force. Unique front foot with rubber feet elevate bump round grip and durability, so your gait smooth, natural, superior flexibility becomes your powerful weapon in the training ground. Nike Free Bionic Women's Training Shoe has unparalleled support, breathability and flexibility, the election of the best equipped in your feet a lot during training, combined with a variety of powerful daily training to meet your requirements completely excited you athletic potential.

Following the pioneering smart chip adidas sports shoes sports shoes to create a community of change began, Nike sports shoes revolution to the title of king Free running shoes series launched technology to compete. Inspiration is derived from the athletes of African countries to participate in training run barefoot, barefoot on behalf of 0.0, 10.0 representative wear traditional running shoes. The moderate section 5.0 on behalf of another slow train protection system under the shock of the original design muscle with a single step, regardless of whether we professional athletes, are available through exercise Free 5.0 system and acquired a perfect muscles. In fact, in addition to running training is used outside the body of the shoe streamline its shape also has the flavor of Fashion, and Nike Air Presto series launched earlier distinctive, and even can be said to strengthen the functions of style. NIKE FREE barefoot sports star experience training camp "along with some chewy full dance barefoot in Beijing Oriental Plaza official opening. The event is intended to recommend to the majority of the world's leading sports enthusiasts of" barefoot training "theory, also introduced Nike the company recently designed for "barefoot training" and the study design NIKE FREE series of sports shoes. for this reason Nike also invited the Athens Olympic doubles tennis champion Li Ting, Sun Tiantian and Chinese tennis star Li Na came to the scene on the 1st singles Share her "barefoot training" experience with everyone, Li Ting and Li Na in the NIKE-FREE Signature Click here to view all news photos scientific research has been the show: the feet are the most points in a blood vessel and the site, walking barefoot on the human body very good, can accelerate the circulation of blood. According to an earlier study of Chinese Academy of Sciences shows that sports, ignoring ordinary training exercise on foot muscle balance, and muscle balance exercise may increase the height of the vertical take-off of a few millimeters,cheap nike running shoes, and can shorten the reaction time of a few seconds, it is often this is "a few millimeters," "a few seconds" determine the final odds in whose hands. "Barefoot training" just to meet this demand through the "barefoot training", not just athletes foot, ankle strength and flexibility has been enhanced, but also to the calf, knee and around the entire back muscles get a good workout . In many countries in Africa where the famous marathon athlete since childhood training barefoot on the prairie. In the fierce confrontation tennis project, started bouncing on the speed and strength is directly related to the outcome of the game; in basketball and other sports projects, stop, turn, jump and other movements also require a high pace of muscle strength; in addition, the state winter Olympics many projects have begun to introduce "barefoot training." It can be said that this new way of training in China's many national sports teams have been very common. According to reports, even for the average person is concerned, the benefits are very obvious barefoot barefoot ?? can make your feet more powerful, making all kinds of movements are more natural and coordination. NIKE FREE is driven by this concept designed. According to the designer Tobie Hatfield earlier introduced in the past so that the soles of shoes and small pressure area is relatively concentrated, and NIKE FREE exactly the opposite, it makes the heel, thumb, metatarsal area are under more pressure to its pressure distribution is uniform, extremely similar to sport mode when barefoot. Therefore, NIKE FREE barefoot experience day camp attracted a lot of sports enthusiasts. They have to take off their shoes on artificial turf laying scene to try barefoot running and jumping, experience "barefoot training" feeling, very lively. Especially when the Chinese tennis team barefoot three star suddenly appeared in front of everyone, and the atmosphere expands to a head. Li Ting, Sun Tiantian, Li led the first excited kids doing some simple warm-up exercises, and then took them to a brief "barefoot training" and try the NIKE FREE. The scene of many sports fans together with the children also had an Olympic champion barefoot training camp. They also play a special panel on the wearing of NIKE FREE footprints, as a commemoration of the event. After three tennis star and everyone present to share their "barefoot training" experience. Li Ting said in unfettered feet when is the highest efficiency,cheap nike roshe run, barefoot training is a natural movement, is a strong individual feet, and improve individual performance of the most innovative training and improving the performance of methods. "Barefoot training" helped her break through the bottleneck of the training, the release of the body's potential. While Li Na also remind you: As ordinary pavement irregularities and dangerous, do not completely barefoot training on normal roads, it is best to choose a perfect fit with your feet and legs can distort the shape of sneakers, can protect the feet at the same time, people enjoy the "barefoot training" benefits. It is reported that the use of "barefoot training" to enhance athletic performance is not the only Chinese tennis team. Today, the coaches around the world are beginning to allow their athletes to try NIKE FREE to use a "barefoot training", and made a very good training effect. Sport University in Cologne, Germany, from November to April 2004 survey done in 2003 also confirmed: NIKE FREE ankle can not only increase the scope of activities to enhance the foot and ankle strength and flexibility, but also exercise the inside of the foot muscles, so that people get better performance in sports. Now, the Chinese athletes, including Olympic champion Liu Xiang, including NIKE FREE aid also began to "barefoot training", some deep muscle exercise infrequently used to make the feet have greater strength and a wider range of activities. Headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, Nike in athletic footwear, apparel and accessories design, manufacturing has been a world leader. Since its inception, the company has been committed to use the power of Nike advanced technology development and the most innovative training methods to improve athletic performance, and continue to design can improve the competitive level of the athletes and sports performance products. The advent of NIKE FREE revolutionary Nike is also dedicated to the world's newest gift for people who love sports.

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